Barbie Collector Passion

jeudi 15 septembre 2011

Duchess Emma

Après un long moment d'absence, me voilà de retour avec la somptueuse poupée Barbie Duchess Emma de la collection Portrait dont je rêvais depuis longtemps. Admirez sa belle robe bleue ornée d'un fichu de mousseline retenu par des fleurs et des perles ainsi que sa chevelure brune bouclée inspirée des coiffures à la mode au XVIIIe siècle...
Product code: B3422
 During the early 1700s in regal France, a new style of art developed. Relaxed, playful, and pretty, rococo was colorful, curvy, and completely captivating. This lovely movement grew and spread across Europe.

The Portrait Collection™  concludes with its third and final selection. Inspired by the raucous rococo style, Duchess Emma Barbie® doll is a wonderful work of art.On a brillant blue day in a Parisian garden, a regal woman stands for her portrait. Dressed in her most exquisite gown, she is the perfect picture of classic grace. With this painting, her celebrated beauty will be forever captured.
Portraits of the rococo era inspire the Duchess Emma Barbie® doll. A lovely gown of slate blue velvet features floral and ribbon accents and faux pearls. The skirt splits to reveal a powder blue satin panel. The chiffon-accented bodice adds a romantic air. Eye-catching accessories include a flowing chiffon scarf and striking portrait hat in slate blue shantung accented with white plume feathers.

Duchess Emma Barbie® comes in a beautiful package that resembles a shadowbox frame. Specially designed to hang on your wall, this Barbie® doll is a splendid addition to your home décor. Joining Mademoiselle Isabelle Barbie® and Lady Camille Barbie®, Duchess Emma Barbie® is the third and final selection in The Portrait Collection.