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mardi 28 juillet 2009

Deirdre of Ulster

Et voici l'une de mes plus grandes fiertés, Deirdre of Ulster, si difficile à obtenir car très rare et de plus en plus coûteuse. Cette poupée est vraiment magnifique, je suis aux anges !
Product Code: K7977

proud tale from the Emerald Isle inspires the fourth doll in the Legends of Ireland Collection.
On a night of the full moon, a daughter was born to the king's harpist and storyteller. At her birth, it was prophesized that she would grow up to the most beautiful woman in all of Ireland, but that her great beauty would bring sorrow to Ulster. Conchobar mac Nessa, the King of Ulster, decided that the child Deirdre should be raised in seclusion, deep in the forest, by an old woman, and that when she was old enough, he would marry Deirdre. And indeed, Deirdre grew up, more beautiful every day, with no one else around. But one day, before the wedding could occur, she met the Sons of Usnech, three handsome warriors. She immediately fell deeply in love with the proudest and bravest of them all, Naisi. So, they eloped and wandered throughout Ireland, pursued by Conchobar.
At last, they fled by boat to Scotland and for five years they lived happily. But Conchobar himself was obsessed with Deirdre and the prophecy and devised an ill-fated plan to bring the beautiful woman back to him.
This great Gaelic story of eternal love that transcends all barriers inspires a lovely doll influenced by Celtic motifs.

2 commentaires:

  1. J'aime beaucoup les Barbies avec des cheveux roux. Elle est superbe, comme toutes les Barbies Irlandaises! ;-)

  2. Moi aussi je trouve que les poupées Barbie rousses sont magnifiques de façon générale. Celle-ci est probablement la plus belle et aussi la plus difficile à trouver, son prix augmente chaque année...