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dimanche 18 novembre 2012

Scarlett O’Hara Barbecue at Twelve Oaks

J'ai pris du retard dans la mise à jour du blog, mais voici enfin la poupée Barbie que vous attendiez sûrement tous avec impatience: Scarlett O'Hara Barbecue at Twelve Oaks. Je suis un grand fan de "Gone With the Wind" et j'étais très excité lorsque j'ai sorti la poupée Barbie de son carton colissimo ! Elle ressemble tellement à Vivien Leigh qu'on dirait qu'elle va prendre vie.
Product Code: 29910
In an era of gallant gentlemen an graceful young ladies, love blossomed like magnolia flowers, sweet and fresh. Against a backdrop of genteel plantations and sunny sultry days, one young woman personified the southern belle of antebellum Georgia. Charming and captivating, she stole the hearts of many beaux. But above all, she was sure and determined, smart and strong. Wonderfully romantic, but thoroughly modern in her independance, she was Scarlett O'Hara the unforgettable heroine of Gone With the Wind.

Her passionate spirit shone in an early, memorable scene at a neighboring plantation, Twelve Oaks. Here she declared her eternal love for Ashley Wilkes, promised to marry Charles Hamilton, and met the man destined to play the most important role in her life - the dashing Rhett Butler. This scene is beautiful captured in a wonderful collector edition doll - Barbecue at Twelve Oaks.

The acclaimed movie Gone With the Wind recounted a story of the Old South that has enthralled generations of filmgoers. The search for the perfect Scarlett look two long years and included over one thousand auditions. At last, Vivien Leigh was found to have a beautiful ressemblance to the character and a fire to match.

Now, Vivien Leigh is walistically rendered, her face precisely sculpted in meticulous detail. She wears a gown of white voile decorated with a green floral print, reminiscent of Scarlett's, brilliant's green eyes. The bodice is lavishly embellished with lace ruffles and a white lace stole. A petticoat, bloomers, and woven hat with green ribbon trim lend an authentic feel to the enchanting ensemble. Finally, a wonderful golden suite of earrings and necklace, accented with faux coral, completes this exceptional doll.

The unforgettable tale of southern romance is reflected in the singular beauty of Scarlett O'Hara : Barbecue at Twelve Oaks.

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  1. C'est une très belle poupée l'héroine du film était une très belle femme!!!